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Believe-work-achieve: David Michigan’s success mantra

Dwight D Eisenhower is widely remembered as one of the most respected military figures of the twentieth century and one of the great American presidents. However, he too could have ended a long-forgotten figure but for a chance meeting.
The future American president was a depressed and bitter man in the months after the first world war, having been denied an active role in the war. Then, in the autumn of 1920, he met Fox Conner, largely remembered as “the man who made Eisenhower”. But for Conner’s influence, Ike might have remained a bitter and disillusioned man and drifted into obscurity.
Truth be told, he is hardly an exception. A common thread running through the life of most successful individuals is the presence of that one person who helped them achieve their true potential. Not everyone is fortunate enough to find his or her Fox Conner, but in this day and age, motivational speakers like David Michigan who can help change the course of your life are easy to access.

A life and fitness coach fired by a passion to help others, David Michigan is a motivational speaker and health expert who contributes regularly to a number of reputed publications like Forbes, Huffington Post and Fox News, among others. With a combined following of over 5 million on Facebook and Instagram, he is also a health expert, international model and actor.
By laying emphasis on forging social connections, David helps people in coping with the mental problems like stress, loneliness, etc by steering them towards setting up social support systems. This could assume several forms, such as identifying a mentor or a group of friends to lean on or else, finding support groups.
David’s work extends to many other areas. For instance, he participated to help participants in Miss Tattoo France, 2017. He also combines motivational speaking with self-hypnosis techniques and mental protocols to help individuals achieve their true potential by unlocking the vast potential of the subconscious mind. It is not just models, but even athletes who have benefited from his expertise.

In addition, David Michigan leverages on his years of experience as a motivational speaker to help entrepreneurs draw the best out of themselves and their employees using a variety of techniques such as laying down clear goals, action plans to realise those goals, constant upgradation of skills, using the perspectives gained from setbacks to plan for success or gaining insights or inspirational ideas from unconventional sources (like TED talks, for instance).
A fitness trainer and nutritionist of international repute, David strongly believes in the importance of drawing on the synergies between mind and body to unlock one’s true potential. Consequently, physical fitness ceases to be an end by itself, but a means to achieving maximum utilisation of the individual’s capabilities and motivational speaking is an essential piece in that jigsaw puzzle.
Empowering people to achieve what they are truly capable of, through the unity of mind and body, is David Michigan’s life mission. Here is one person who encourages people to believe in their dreams, because belief is the first step towards achievement.

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