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Deciding which career path is most suitable for an individual

The question of which career path is right is one that has been asked billions of times. Again and again, year after year, individuals find themselves barrelling through a myriad of life-altering questions and possibilities for their career. It is an overwhelming process, and it takes time and confidence to know what the right path is. Knowing who we are as individuals and what it is that makes us thrive is not always an easy process of discovery. Quite often it takes guts, time, money, and trust in the process and your future career goals, to even make it halfway without having the temptation to give it all up. For thousands of individuals annually, the right path proves to be beginning secondary study at a university or college.

Choosing a university or college as the environment to begin the initial stages of one’s career is a daunting prospect. There are literally hundreds of universities, and they all appear (at first glance) to offer quite similar – if not the same – courses and degrees. Individuals are given a literal world of opportunities, and choosing just one opportunity to begin their career path is an important and stressful time in their life. While financial income is nearly always a top priority in choosing a career path, what may come as a surprise is that a genuine love for the career is vital to the ensured longevity of any given career.
Perhaps the most relevant reason to pursue an academic career in a field that one genuinely loves, is respect for one’s future – and their future career. There are hundreds of students every year that begin studying towards a career without being quite certain that it is what they want to do with their life. Unfortunately, what often happens as a result is that individuals drop out of their university courses, sometimes dropping the degree altogether. They end up back at square one, and having to pay for the courses that they did get through. It can be a waste of money and time, so studying towards a career that one genuinely loves is critically important.

Thankfully, there are now various tools (both online and on-location) that can aid prospective students in their decision-making process, such as The Uni Guide, online courses, and open days at universities and colleges. Deciding which career to pursue is nearly always a difficult choice, and it is one that should never be taken lightly. Having access to tools and processes that assist individuals in making the right decision for their own future makes the world of difference. Instead of struggling to decide between a few different careers, or beginning the initial steps towards a career and then veering off once lack of passion appears, individuals are being given access to platforms that genuinely want them to be the best versions of themselves, and forge careers in industries that make them happy.
An individual’s career begins the day that they decide which path to take to get them there – whether that be university, internships, apprenticeships, or simply taking the leap of faith to get what one wants out of their career. It all counts. It all works. It all matters.

This article was previously published on Learn@ITB by Andini Nurfatimah

Owner and Founder of Asro Teknologi

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