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Top 10 inventions for teenage students that could change the world

The modern student is studying in an era that is busier and more chaotic than ever. it helps to have a little assistance to successfully persevere through to the other side, but how to ge that assistance? We live in the digital age. There are any great inventions for teenage students, all of them with their own merits and successes, but there are 10 inventions that have the capability to change the world.

The smartphone

Practically everyone has a smartphone these days – and for good reason. A smartphone has already changed the world by effectively placing the power of the entire worldwide web in our backpacks and pockets. Students use their smartphones to capture footage for assessments, to listen to music while they study, to set alarms and dates in their calendar, and to receive emails from the school. On and on the list goes. And then life after beings, and the smartphone continues being just as useful as it was when the individual was a student.

The Kindle

Believe it or not, a Kindle is one of the best inventions out there that modern students use. Students can stay on top of their studies for what is often a fraction of the cost and physical space ad burden, as well as learn about the world around them and impending issues.

Access to online assistance services

The availability of online assistance services like a trusted counselor or an online paper writer can mean the difference between you excelling and succeeding as a student, or struggling to right the ship. These types of online programs and systems also create a more honest and supportive online community.

The tablet

Taking the convenience and efficiency that laptops are renowned for to a whole new level, the tablet allows students to study faster, smarter, and longer. Additionally, they are now utilised as key fundamental features for graphic design and the like, spelling a promising future for these motions.

Smart watch

A smart watch does everything from track itself and your smartphone, track your daily exercise, check your calendar, set study break alarms, set and announce reminders, and play music (to name a few possibilities). The smart watch is the ultimate in convenience meeting efficiency, on all fronts.

An action sports camera

Despite the intention, these cameras are not just utilised to capture sports and active activities. A sports camera (like GoPro, for example) can be and often is used for anything from documenting school projects, to volunteering experiences around the world. The footage serves not only as a memento but also material for possible assessments later, or moving features on important issues down the line.

Portable battery

Portable batteries are genius. A portable battery means that you can charge your device anywhere in the world, so long as the battery itself is charged. This makes studying on the go easier, and makes the world a generally safer place to do just about anything, knowing that you have a full battery you can use to charge your phone to call for help, etc.

Heated travel mug

There is nothing more frustrating than making a coffee or tea in the morning rush, only to realise that by the time you settle into your first class that it has gotten cold. Having a hot beverage is just one effective way to wake the brain up in the morning, effectively helping you to work at your best.

Smart backpack

Having a backpack that not only provides a life tracker if you lose it, but that charges your phone, your tablet, and your portable battery – and then some – is revolutionary. In this backpack, you can literally store and do it all. it will revolutionise the way we work, learn, and travel.

Portable hard drives

Portable hard drives allow you to keep all your great ideas in one secure place. This is great because it means that there is no limitation on the scope of good ideas, and they are all kept somewhere safe while you continue to work on them.

This article was previously published on Learn@ITB by Andini Nurfatimah

Owner and Founder of Asro Teknologi

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